Antonio Brown: My reputation shouldn’t be in question

Antonio Brown: My reputation shouldn’t be in question

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has wound up on our pages quite often over the last few weeks and his appearances have generally tilted toward the negative.

Brown was fined by the Steelers for posting a video from the locker room on social media, accused of blowing off the media after the AFC Championship Game and been the subject of multiple reports that painted him as a source of frustration inside the organization, which has in turn become a source of frustration for Brown.

“I don’t think my reputation or how I relate to guys in the locker room or my play on the field ever should have been a question,” Brown said on FOX Sports’ “Undisputed.” “We’re talking about a championship game that people don’t get a chance to experience over the course of our career. to say I wasn’t running the right route or to say that I was mad about us scoring a touchdown, that’s just disheartening.”

Brown also denied blowing off the media, saying that he would “never disrespect someone and feel I’m too mad to talk” while explaining that he was “already halfway out the locker room” when he was asked by a reporter to stop and talk.

While things have appeared strained with the Steelers, team president Art Rooney II said this week that the team wants Brown on the roster “for a long time.” During an interview with Dan Patrick on Thursday, Brown said he shared that hope and that he wants to be a “Steeler for life.” Brown is heading into the final year of his contract and expects talks on a new deal to get rolling soon.

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