Buccaneers’ Trio Ready To Get To Work

Buccaneers’ Trio Ready To Get To Work

The new Buccaneers trio of Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, and DeSean Jackson are ready to get to work and begin forming some chemistry.

There was a lot of talk about how new Buccaneers receiver DeSean Jackson’s attitude towards the off-season and OTA’s may not gel so well with a guy like Jameis Winston, who is constantly working to improve and get better. That Jackson’s time away from the team during those workouts may rub some the wrong way.

In 2015, Winston and receiver Mike Evans had their moments, but a lot of the time it appeared as thought the two of them were just a little bit “off”. Before the 2016 season, the two worked together to develop their chemistry and get better together rather than relying strictly on off-season workouts held by the Bucs. They would meet at local high school fields and work.

Now, it appears as though Jackson is getting in on the action.

On an appearance on ESPN’s First Take, Jackson spoke about how the three were getting together in the coming days to start developing that connection – that bond – that will be the difference come game days this season.

“We’re plannin. We’re actually about to – in the next couple of days – we’re supposed to be going to Houston and working out with Mike Evans and Jameis. Things like that, to have the intangibles to – we’re not in season, we’re not in off-season workouts with the team and he’s gathering guys together, working out, that really shows a lot to me. He reached out to me and was like, ‘Come on out, I’m gonna take care of everything for you.’ It’s just things like that. I’m excited to go out there and work out with him.”

At 22 years old, Jameis is already working tirelessly at his craft and ensuring that come game day, his two top targets are going to be on the same page with him. The full interview is below which has some great nuggets about his decision to join the Bucs when Stephen A. Smith stops steering the conversation back to the Eagles with his full-fledged homer card in plain view.

Credit: thepewterplank