Carson Palmer: Retirement thoughts “never about anything other than my body”

Carson Palmer: Retirement thoughts “never about anything other than my body”

Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer ended the deliberations about his plans for the 2017 season on Thursday with an announcement that he’d be back on the field come the fall.

In his statement, Palmer said he wanted to “see where I was physically and mentally” before committing to another year, but he stressed the physical toll of playing in the NFL was paramount on his mind as he thought about which way he’d go. During an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Palmer said he loves playing the game but that “your body tells you when to stop” and he wasn’t sure what message his body was sending without taking a little extra time.

“I took the month, my body has recovered well, feel great, feel ready to start getting ready in the offseason again,” Palmer said, via the team’s website. “It was never about anything other than my body. My mind, my passion, all the things it takes to play this game, I still have. The desire to study, the desire to train, the desire to get ready for games. You start getting old like me, you start getting grey hair, your body starts telling you no. At some point it will, but I am excited I have responded, my body responded, and I get to keep playing.”

Palmer said he hasn’t given any thought to what might happen after the 2017 season, which is also the answer wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald gave when asked about 2018 and beyond. Given their ages and expiring contracts, it’s a good bet that everyone in Arizona will be all-in on 2017.

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