NFL to allow players option to wear more personalized footwear

NFL to allow players option to wear more personalized footwear

The NFL will institute two primary modifications to its footwear policy for the 2017 season that allows players more personalized options.

According to guidelines sent to NFL teams and obtained by NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, players will be permitted to wear customized footwear during pregame activities and team warmups. While all footwear will still need to be approved by the NFL, players will be allowed to use cleats with customized colors and designs. The new rules, however, bar against trademarked brands and logos that haven’t been approved.

ESPN first reported the development.

In addition, teams will no longer be required to declare black or white as their dominant footwear colors. Players may use footwear that is solid black, solid white or a secondary or tertiary constitutional team color, according to the new guidelines.

In the past, players were subject to fines for not adhering to the more stringent footwear protocol. In Week 13 of the 2016 season, the NFL allowed players the opportunity to raise support for charity by allowing them to wear custom cleats.

NFL players will still be subject to possible fines for not adhering to the conditions of the new rules.

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