Texans coach Bill O’Brien says he’s ‘real excited’ to work with Tom Savage

Texans coach Bill O’Brien says he’s ‘real excited’ to work with Tom Savage

One of the Houston Texans’ big problems the past few seasons has been a lack of production at quarterback. The team thought it had its long-term answer under center last year, when it signed Brock Osweiler to a four-year deal.

Fast-forward a year and Osweiler is no longer with the team – having been dealt to the Browns earlier this month – and Houston appears to be back to Square One, at least until Tony Romo is separated from the Cowboys. But if you ask Houston coach Bill O’Brien, he’s very upbeat about the team’s current quarterback situation.

“Well first of all, Tony is under contract so he’s a Dallas Cowboy,” O’Brien said in an interview with NFL Network that is scheduled to air Monday. “We feel like, right now, we have two quarterbacks that’ll be there on April 17, the beginning of our offseason program. It’ll be Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden. We are really looking forward to working with those guys. Both those guys can throw the football. Tom is a guy who played two or three games for us last year, played well, did some good things for our football team. Still a young player, so we’re real excited to work with him. We’re excited to be working with Brandon. Two years ago, he helped us win a couple games as our starting quarterback, so that’s where it is right now. Now, every day in this league is a fluid situation. Every day, whether it’s the draft or free agency or someone gets released or whatever that is. But today, as we sit here right now, we’re excited and we will be excited about who we have in that room, and of course, over the next few weeks, maybe we add to that room, maybe we don’t.”

Savage has thrown 92 passes in his career and has yet to throw his first NFL touchdown. The Texans started Savage late last season in place of Osweiler, but the 26-year-old suffered an injury that forced Houston to go back to its former high-priced QB.

The Texans are expected to make a push to either trade for or sign Romo once the Cowboys decide what they want to do with the 36-year-old. Houston is built to win now, and if the Texans have a shot at the former Pro Bowl quarterback don’t be surprised if O’Brien’s excitement moves from Savage and Weeden to Romo.

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