Tyrod Taylor reportedly unwilling to take a pay cut to stay with Bills

Tyrod Taylor reportedly unwilling to take a pay cut to stay with Bills

If the Bills were hoping that Tyrod Taylor would take a discount to stay in Buffalo, they better think again, because it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

According to the Buffalo News, Taylor has no interest in restructuring his contract and would be “unwilling” to reduce his pay if the Bills asked. The reason Taylor won’t take the discount is because he believes he can get more money as a free agent if the Bills were to release him by March 11, which is when he has a huge bonus due (more on the numbers in a second).

Basically, this means that the Bills now have roughly four weeks to decide if Taylor is their quarterback of the future.

Back in August, the 27-year-old signed a six-year, $92 million deal that was basically a one-year tryout. For the 2016 season, Taylor only made a total of $9.5 million, which was the guaranteed amount in the new deal.

For the Bills, it was a great deal because $9.5 million for a starting quarterback leaves you a lot of money to spend elsewhere.

The problem for Buffalo is that Taylor is going to be a lot more expensive going forward. If the quarterback is still on the roster on March 11, then he’ll earn another $30.75 million in guaranteed money, which would effectively lock Taylor to Buffalo for the next two or three seasons.

The money comes in the form of a $15.5 million option bonus and a $12 million base salary. Also, by picking up the option bonus, a total of $3.25 million of Taylor’s 2018 salary would then become guaranteed.

If Taylor’s not willing to take a pay cut, that means the Bills’ new coaching staff, led by Sean McDermott, has less than a month to decide whether or not to give him the $30.75 million in bonus money, which is a lot of money to commit to quarterback with a 14-14 career record.

Since a pay cut isn’t an option, the Bills basically have three choices: cut Taylor; pick up the option and keep him; pick up the option and trade him.

The problem with cutting him is that the Bills would be starting from scratch at the quarterback position, which is never an ideal situation for an NFL team. With EJ Manuel set to be a free agent, the Bills’ only other option at quarterback would be the inexperienced Cardale Jones.

As for Taylor, whatever happens with him is going to happen by March 11, so it will definitely be a situation you want to keep you eye on.

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